C/ Lleó,7 Marca de l’Ham 17600 Figueres (GI) Tel. 972 50 50 53

C/ Lleó,7 Marca de l’Ham 17600 Figueres (GI) Tel. 972 50 50 53



What material?

Marble countertops bring beauty and exclusivity to your kitchen, bathroom, facade…

Thanks to its variety of colors, marble offers us a wide color palette capable of combining with any kitchen environment.

Its veins and cracked surfaces trace fantastic patterns. With its surface finishes we can achieve the mirror-like shine of polishing or the matte discretion of honing.

Since its birth, Silestone® has set the most significant trends in its category, transformed the world of kitchen countertops, and today is a benchmark in interior design.

Silestone is the most advanced and sustainable hybrid surface of premium minerals and recycled materials on the market, manufactured with the exclusive and innovative HybriQ® technology.

Once again, we change everything again.

Enjoy the pleasure of creating your home. You are your best designer.

Its timeless elegance, exceptional hardness and durability are great advantages of granite, making it an ideal material for exterior and interior applications. According to him, authenticity and functionality are synonymous with innovative beauty.

Granite is the most corrosion resistant stone on the market, so it can withstand very high temperatures. These fire and heat resistant properties are emphasized when granite is used as a kitchen countertop, so that it can receive heat directly from cookware without changing the surface.

COMPAC offers creative but consistent designs, facilitating the work of those who treat them and offering a wide variety of finishes and textures with a great flexibility of formats, which allows their application in different projects such as countertops, walls, floors and furniture.
With this, we seek to respond to the demands of a diverse client and adapt to the needs of their projects with different product lines.

Innovation in technological stone techniques has allowed us to reach levels of quality…

In recent years, this material has experienced a great boom and expansion. It is highly valued and appreciated in the world of architecture.

Combine raw materials with the latest technology. It has incredible properties that make it a great product for kitchens. It has a minimum thickness, the base has several application possibilities and a perfect finish.

In addition, this material is 100% natural and contains glass, granite and silica minerals, as well as natural oxides, which provide Neolith countertops with a rich selection of…

ASCALE large format sintered plates.
Available in 6, 12 and 20 mm thickness and 320×160 format, the ASCALE panel is a very powerful tool for architecture, construction and interior design professionals thanks to its durability and versatility. In addition, our 12 mm sintered sheets have a fiberglass mesh reinforcement on the back, which allows our material to reach maximum resistance values.

Thanks to its experience and the distinctive application of the latest technology in the production process, it has shortened…

Why choose Dekton? Because it resists stains, UV rays, scratches and the heat of fire. In addition, it is suitable for indoors and outdoors. The unique designs of its colors will make any space special.

Dekton also has a guarantee of 25, which attests to its high resistance to face the most intensive daily use. Do you want to know how much your project will cost? Fill in the form and receive up to three estimates without obligation.

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C/ Lleó,7 Marca de l’Ham 17600 Figueres (GI)
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